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Chelsea May Jewelry Co.

The brand identity and development for Chelsea May Jewelry Company, based in Florence, AL, draw inspiration from a playful and trendy design style, while maintaining a sleek and elegant aesthetic to showcase the quality of the gold-filled materials crafted for everyday wear.

The design process began with a deep exploration of Chelsea May's unique style, characterized by its playful and trendy elements. Balancing this with a desire for elegance and sophistication, the brand identity was crafted to resonate with fashion-forward individuals seeking high-quality, versatile jewelry.

The logo serves as the cornerstone of the brand identity, capturing the essence of Chelsea May's aesthetic through clean lines, modern typography, and subtle embellishments. Vibrant colors and whimsical graphics add a playful touch, while maintaining an overall sense of sophistication and refinement.

Brand Identity
Creative Direction
Website Design
Brand Guidelines
Print & Digital Design

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