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Emerald Forest
Mixed-Use Development

The logo and brand development for 5621 Emerald Forest aimed to capture the essence of a mixed-use property in South Austin, blending retail, restaurant, and creative office spaces. Drawing inspiration from the site's location and the Atomic Ranch architectural style, the design reflects the area's unique laidback charm.

The design process began with an exploration of elements that resonate with South Austin's character, including its vibrant culture and eclectic atmosphere. The Atomic Ranch style served as a key influence, infusing the brand with a retro-modern aesthetic that pays homage to the property's architectural heritage.

Color palettes reminiscent of the South Austin landscape were chosen to evoke a sense of warmth and authenticity, while typography was carefully selected to convey a blend of creativity and approachability.

Graphics were crafted to reflect the diverse offerings of the mixed-use property, seamlessly integrating retail, dining, and office elements into a cohesive visual identity. Each element of the brand design was thoughtfully curated to convey the uniqueness and charm of 5621 Emerald Forest, inviting visitors to experience the dynamic energy of this vibrant community hub.

Brand Identity
Creative Direction
Website Design
Print & Digital Design

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