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Ty Walker Music
Country Music Artist

The logo, custom illustrations, and song cover composites for Ty Walker, a Country Music Artist based in Austin, TX, were developed to reflect his humble, down-to-earth demeanor, combined with the deep, introspective, and relatable style of his songwriting and production.

Drawing inspiration from Ty's authentic personality and heartfelt music, the design process began with a deep dive into his unique blend of sincerity and introspection. We aimed to create visuals that resonated with his audience, capturing the essence of his music and identity.

The logo was crafted to embody Ty's laidback charm, featuring carefree, loose lines and rustic elements that reflected his Texas roots. Custom illustrations were developed to evoke the imagery and emotions conveyed in his lyrics, adding depth and personality to his brand.

For the song cover composites, we sought to capture the essence of each track, translating the emotional landscape of Ty's music into compelling visuals. Through careful selection of imagery and typography, we aimed to create covers that resonated with listeners on a personal level, inviting them into Ty's world.

Overall, the identity and merchandise designs for Ty Walker were crafted with authenticity and sincerity in mind, reflecting his genuine connection with his audience and his commitment to storytelling through music.

Art Direction
Song Cover Art
Print & Digital Design

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